Thought Leadership

I believe that if you bring enough good people together who understand the value of the open and fearless exchange of ideas, you can solve every problem on the planet: from the abject poverty of our poorest people to the incredible waste found in world governments and business. Each problem has a solution, but it starts with a willingness to open our mind to new thoughts before we can open our hearts to new ways of thinking.

In this context, the ‘good people’ are often the thought leaders who continuously reach out to one another from all fields: business management, economics, sociology, psychology, ethics, philosophy – just to name those that are on the top of my mind at this moment.

I demonstrated this type of collaboration in two books that I produced – Management 21C, Organization 21C, Next Generation Business Handbook that, at the time of their release, attracted the attention of nearly every business manager who was preparing themselves for the challenges of a new century.

There are two reasons why I have placed these articles separate from my new work. First, they remain examples of what can be accomplished by “good people.” Anecdotes I have collected through the years from readers have shown me that not only did we make an important contribution to the business community, but also the collaboration itself was something that should be noted and remembered. Second, the thoughts generated by these experiences produce important images in my mind upon which I rely for my current work.

You’ll note from each article, I have listed the collaborators with whom I had great pleasure to work with and to whom I remain wholly indebted.

Subir Chowdhury
February 2013

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