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An inspirational speaker with a transformative message.

Never settle for ‘good enough’ again.

Subir Chowdhury is a leading thinker in quality management strategy. He has consulted many of the world’s largest companies across several industries. After more than 25 years of work (and 15 books), Subir wants to share his methods and processes to the world.

Just as he does for his clients, Subir has continued to refine and hone his work, perfecting his methodology into the next generation of quality management thoughts and practices. His strategies have evolved and apply to high level executives as well as every member at all levels of an organization.

However, Subir’s strategies transcend organizations and entire industries. In fact, people in all walks of life can apply the same ideas that he has implemented at Fortune 500 companies all over the globe. The process of improving quality at a company is a transformative one. For the process to function properly and produce tangible results, every individual must have a caring mindset. But Subir discovered that the mindset must apply equally to outside of work. By refocusing our attention on caring, we can achieve both personal and professional success. By adopting an attitude of “making a difference,” the individual gains a greater awareness of self-value and community.

Subir’s presentations have an overarching theme that teaches audiences how every action, from every individual matters. As he describes in his latest book, “The Difference,” the individual becomes greater than themselves when they nurture the skills, loyalty and passion for the betterment of everyone around them. Whether the goal is to build up an organization or your own community where you live, when people adopt a culture of straightforwardness, thoughtfulness, accountability and resolve – they can achieve anything.

His unique perspective blends his Eastern spirituality garnered as a student immigrant from Bangladesh, and his Western management experience gained from working and consulting with a host of top U.S. companies.

Instill in everyone around you a passion for perfection.

Chowdhury believes that for his ideas to be accessible, they must be simple enough so that everyone can understand them. His core philosophy compels audiences to accept that quality is everyone’s business at all levels of an organization.  This acceptance and resulting implementation is one of the key building blocks for a business to attain long lasting success.

His philosophy for quality has far reaching implications for everyone; not just limited to businesses, but to government policy-making and even personal, every-day living. Chowdhury will tailor his speaking engagements to fit the particular needs of the individual organization, with emphasis on diversity, self-motivation, and adopting a caring mindset.

Philanthropic Work

IIT Kharagpur, Subir Chowdhury School of Quality and Reliability (Q&R) was launched in 2017. A first of its kind in India, the school will provide interdisciplinary training and research for improving quality at all levels of industry.

The University of California at Berkeley recently established the Subir & Malini Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies to award graduate fellowships, scholarships, and research grants that focus on ways to improve the quality of life for the people of Bangladesh.

Each year the Subir Chowdhury Fellowship on Quality and Economics is awarded by both Harvard University and London School of Economics and Political Science to a doctoral student to research and study the impact of quality in the economic advancement of a nation.

Reviews and Honors

Chowdhury’s consultancy, ASI Consulting Group LLC, have provided high level guidance to many of the world’s largest businesses. They are credited with helping Caterpillar save more than $1 billion in one year.

ASI Consulting Group guided quality enhancements that helped earn Chrysler 2013 Truck of the Year and Hyundai 2012 Car of the Year honors.

Chowdhury has been dubbed “an excitable, enthusiastic evangelist for quality,” by The Conference Board Review and a “Quality Prophet” by BusinessWeek.

He has authored 15 books, several of them bestsellers that have been translated into 25 languages around the world.

Thinkers50 ranked him as one of the “50 Most Influential Management Thinkers in the World”.

The SAE International established the Subir Chowdhury Medal of Quality Leadership, an annual award that recognizes those individuals who promote innovation and expand the impact of quality in mobility engineering, design and manufacturing.

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